WordPress plugins

I’m getting myself in this world of WP, and starting to look at plugins. There are thousands of them for WP, so I can barely know which one to use. It’s a good idea to rely on someone that can guide you here. I got my leaders, aside from my own work digging in the plugin search engine, this post was very profuse. You must note that the use of plugins has its own handicaps, very well exposed here. For the best perfomance, and to avoid the “too much query noise” associated with the plugins, it’s highly recomended to use a Cache plugin. To test the perfomance, go here. Finally, would you like how to create a plugin, then read this one. An spanish blog with a good course on WP, and appifier plugins page. If at any time you want to migrate to other hoster, the best option you can take is the Duplicator plugin, that will do the job quite simple and straight forward. Look at this youtube video.

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