Nowadays all the construction sector moves towards Building Information Management (I know, there used to be ‘Modelling’). So we, as a company related to the construction sector, are following that direction too, although we have been on it long time before the hype had begun, as firmly believers in the automation of the engineering tasks. The standarization that BIM could bring to this sector clearly will define a new paradigm in how the actors have to deal with their jobs and the documentation associated that will be generated (and required). Following is a reference index for our posts on this topic, as they should be easily accessed from the global posts. Now that the publically avaliable british standarization normative has been pashed out in favor of the international ISO -that will be based on the british ones-, here is the link to the documents before they get out of the net. These documents consists of (BS EN ISO 19650-1, BS EN ISO 19650-2, PD 19650, PAS 1192-6:2018, PAS 1192-3:2014, BS 1192-4:2014, PAS 1192-5:2015,  BS 8536-1:2015, BS 8536-2:2016, BS 1192:2007+A2:2016 (WITHDRAWN, SUPERSEDED BY BS EN ISO 19650), PAS 1192-2:2013 (WITHDRAWN, SUPERSEDED BY BS EN ISO 19650)), and you can buy them from here. BS 1192 is an overall standard that lays out the best practices for managing construction information, while PAS 1192-2 is a specification that deals with information management during the capital/delivery phase. From BSI an extended glosary related to BIM. If you want to learn Revit Architecture with a free MOOC, you can click here. And here are the youtube videos of the same course.